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Our brand embodies what it means to be blessed in any situation. We believe that, there is always something we can think of that we are truly BLESSED about. To find ways in which we are BLESSED reminds us of the most fundamental, yet most of the time easily overlooked, aspects of life—Home, Family, Health, Food, Freedom —and encourages us to experience deep appreciation for the abundance we do have in each of these areas.

The concept of the BLESSED brand came out of a really difficult time in our life, where we felt the world was ending and nothing was working out for us … but we had our firstborn Son who was 5 at the time and when we looked at him, all of our problems seemed so irrelevant – when we looked at him we knew we were so BLESSED!

Here we are over fifteen years later, with our firstborn son now in his fourth year of college, knowing how truly BLESSED we are…all culminating with the BLESSED we have today and the fact that HE is our ULTIMATE PROVIDER and though we may make our plans, HE directs all our steps!

Choose to be BLESSED!



                                                    From the YAMAGUCHI ohana! 

Never judge God's LOVE based on your current circumstances.  Look to the cross, because that is the symbol of HIS extreme LOVE for you.  It is the place that JESUS died on the CROSS for your sins and how in any circumstance, we can find a reason why we are BLESSED...